Decisions, decisions… I often get caught up on them. Do I have more wine? (Yes.) Do I order dessert? (Also yes.) Should I chase my dreams and become the shining star I always imagined I could be? (Depends on how much wine I’ve had and whether or not I need a lie down.) This show offered a potential cure to my perpetual indecision – I was not disappointed.

Robyn Perkins’ show 10,000 Decisions is a scientific comedy exploring the biological reasons behind why we make the choices we make and a hilarious expose of some of the more dubious decisions Perkins has made in her life.

Once upon a time Perkins, was a biologist – a fact thoroughly given away in her early show calculation of how many meal decisions she has yet to make in her life. Anyone who stares at the menu for twenty minutes, changes their mind fourteen times, then orders the same chicken parmy they always get when it’s suddenly time to order food, will appreciate her insights on a spiritual level, even if maths isn’t your forte.

A word of warning, though: despite the fact that the show teaches aspects of neuroscience, don’t bring your kids along unless you also want them to learn about the shenanigans adult humans engage in while searching for a mate. And also anal.

For those looking for less learning, more lol-ing, Perkins has what you need. She rules the room with huge charisma and openness that is genuine and warm. Some of her anecdotes regarding life in the US fell a bit short on the audience, but that probably could have been solved with a little more spelling out as to why it was funny. Not that it really mattered – in the next breath she had the crowd back on track, fully reengaged in her storytelling.

After touring the life, loves, family, and decisions of Robyn, we turn to anonymous decisions that were submitted by tormented (I assume) audience members before the show. Using a simple scientific process that you at home can try, she tears down the walls of indecision and, in our case, decided that you should not tell your mum that you got arrested for underaged drinking. Scientific validation FTW.

With wicked banter, relatable stories, and a presence that fills the room, you’re guaranteed to walk out with a happy heart, a dose of science, and, if you’re single, potentially Perkins’ number.


10,000 Decisions plays at The Griffins Hotel until 17th March. Tickets can be purchased here.