It's the most wonderful time of the year! (Take that, Christmas!)

WOMADelaide kicks off again tonight, so we at Great Scott have a handy checklist to make sure you have a fun and festive weekend.

1. WOMAD guide and timetable

A crucial part of your WOMAD experience is this handy guide, which holds all you need to know to plan out your weekend. Hipsters, keep your indie mags to yourselves – there’s basically nothing else worth reading!

(NB: Please hire me, indie mags.)

2. Sunscreen

WOMAD is an outdoor festival – don’t forget to slip, slop, slap! I tried to choose a sunscreen that didn’t actively mislead the Australian public.

Sunscreen is very important if you don’t want to look like a beetroot. You’ll be red in the face if you forget it!

3. Soccer ball

Remember, you're in a park! WOMAD has plenty of open space for sport and/or sport-adjacent frolicking, and it's much easier to bring a soccer ball past security than a hurdle or a javelin.

4. Leg?

WOMAD is a big ol’ multi stage festival, so... bring a leg? I don’t know, guys. I’ve really lost confidence in this article.

A leg is great for many things:

  • walking between stages
  • kicking a soccer ball
  • getting into kick-fights in front of the stage because you got lost on the way to Stereos
  • jumping for joy

[Also pictured: UNO, a fun game for the whole family. Suits 2-5 players. Recommended for ages 5+.]

5. Media pass

Don’t forget your WOMAD media pass! The weekend may be fun, but remember: you’re here to work.

6. V60 Filter Coffee Kit

Keep your energy up with this filter coffee kit! If you can't find a kettle onsite to boil water, try setting fire to a coconut.

All done!

Hope you're now pumped for the WOMAD weekend!

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