Not gonna lie, I thought this was going to be shit. The whole white guy ironically pretending to be gangsta thing? It’s a conceit that was funny, once upon a time, but is now doing about as well as Sacha Baron Cohen’s career. 99 Schnitzels but a Veal Ain’t One – points for the pun, but otherwise, boo-urns.

I was pleasantly surprised, though. Despite every implication of the poster, and the show title, this is nothing less than a pretty great sketch show: funny, imaginative, clever, absurd and varied. Not every sketch lands with the force of a kiloton bomb, but Joshua Glanc (pronounced glance, not glank) keeps the energy levels pretty high throughout the piece, constantly switching it up and keeping the audience engaged. Some jokes go to places that could turn-off or offend, but the spirit of the whole thing is kept light enough that it never turns the cart over. There are groans, but they never outweigh the laughs.

As in all good shows, the humour is better witnessed than described. I can’t explain, or even fathom exactly, why it was so hilarious that Glanc got a good-natured member of the audience, Dave the political advisor, to sing “magic, magic, in my underpants” for fully five minutes. Or how it was that Glanc got us all to chant it along with him. But it happened, and now we all have to live with that, and if you see this show then you might have to too.

Set your expectations high, set them low: it doesn’t matter, you’ll have a good time with this show. This is great comedy, and a lot of fun, and if you give it a chance you’ll get to experience much more than an Ali-G wannabe.