A Little Too Much Information is the perfect mix of cabaret and musical comedy. This one woman show, starring Claire Healy, is a surprisingly fresh and genuinely mirthful way to spend an evening. Staged at the iconic location of La Boheme, this show has just the right combination of all the best elements.

La Boheme has a justly deserved reputation as an exceptional venue for all things burlesque and cabaret. The atmosphere created by this establishment is so potent that it becomes almost a supporting actor, rather than a mere location. After loitering in the open-air cocktail bar at the back of the establishment, the audience is lead upstairs through a winding, creaking staircase. The dusky room we are ushered into has been snugly filled to the brim with petite tables and the lush, crimson curtains provide a sultry, almost decadent atmosphere. The intimate feel is further heightened by the close quarters we occupy around the tables and the fabulous concoctions everyone seems to be sipping. Suddenly strangers introduce themselves and make tentative friendships. By the time Claire Healy bounds onto the low stage, La Boheme already has us relaxed and under its spell.

Hobbit-sized, burning with energy and dressed in flapper chic, Claire Healy is a stunning performer. As the show’s title suggests, Healy has channelled that not uncommon experience of getting drunk at a party and telling strangers weird things about yourself. Healy shares her shopping habits, love of cheese, cape wearing antics and Tinder experiences, all through a fabulous collection of songs. Her vocal talents are shown to great advantage by her quirky musical routine, while her animated and expressive features communicate volumes of innuendo in the intimate setting. This is unquestionably a performer born for cabaret.

It seems that audience participation is the flavour of this Fringe season. However, Healy’s type of involvement includes everyone, from the comfort of their seats and in the safety of the darkness. As disembodies voices you are invited to sing along, comfort each other with chocolate, and share your awkward, embarrassing and unbelievable moments. After all, Healy has shown you hers; it’s only fair that you show her yours.

A Little Too Much Information is full of wit, whimsy and cheeky dinosaur innuendo. It is also surprisingly cathartic. Do yourself a favour and make time for this short but sweet evening of enchanting cabaret.


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