A Recipe For Disaster is a charming mix of cheeky cabaret, classic slap-stick, and musical comedy – with just a dash of Monty Python style chaos. The show is best described as a tumultuous trio (Lizzy Hirstle, Tom Barnes and Natasha Scholey) “serving up” a mixed-bag of sketches, all themed around food, dinning and the culinary arts. All of the routine gags are covered, from the fixated French chef to the inept waiting staff, and no cliché is left un-exploited. Audience members with experience in hospitality or a familiarity with cooking shows will have a clear advantage when sampling each “course” on the menu as some jokes require inside knowledge to appreciate. Your enjoyment will definitely depend on your own tastes.

There are, however, several gems to be found within this mixed bag. The on-point comic timing of “A Stripper’s Breakfast” and a superbly executed rendition of “Dinner for One” had the audience roaring with laughter. Nevertheless, it was the parody of culinary queen Nigella Lawson (Natasha Scholey), portrayed as a lost member of the House Targaryen, which kept “insanity at bay with calories” and stole the show.

A Recipe For Disaster may at first seem priced like an entrée at a fancy restaurant, however, it is worth noting that you will be served food as well as comedy.


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