This set of songs, performed on acoustic guitar, details Loucas Loizou’s life as a Cypriot refugee where, in 1974, he had to leave his home for London when the Turkish invaded his country. In between the music, he slowly reveals this story of a boy who had everything, but then, in the blink of an eye, lost it all.

Loizou has chosen songs for the show from many countries, including England, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the US, and even Australia. He draws you into his world with the nostalgic quality of the music and his voice. Even as he sings in other languages, he maintains the charm of his own style. Although some notes didn’t quite find the perfect pitch, it all added to the overall appeal.

The mellow mood of his show felt perfect on a summer’s day, and I was transported along with Loizou as he took us step-by-step through his experiences travelling to and living in London. In bringing us on his journey, Loizou managed to take some well-known songs, such as ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘Waltzing Matilda’, and alter them subtly to give them his own personal flair. Sprinkled in amongst the more well-known tunes were pieces that he has composed himself, which are sung with heart and beauty.

For those who like folk music, this will definitely be a show you will enjoy. It is full of nostalgia and memory of times passed. Unfortunately, the ending felt a little rushed due to time constraints, and the show didn’t quite come to a smooth finale. Regardless, this performance provides an effective snapshot of one man’s life journey.