A Simple Space is raw, guttural circus stripped of the bright sets and dazzling costumes of many of its peers. Instead, seven incredibly talented young acrobats demonstrate grit and serious brawn in an hour of jaw-dropping feats. Accompanied by drummer and sometimes performer Elliot Zoerner, the troupe make use of the simplest of props: a drum set, some coloured balls, a Rubiks Cube. The human body is the key apparatus, as percussion instrument, boardwalk, trampoline, skipping rope and all manner of imaginative and wildly fantastic tools in-between. The show is chaotically paced, with audience gasps and cheers resounding constantly from all three sides of the tightly packed Vagabond.

There are too many highlights to mention them all – particularly in the frantic last sequence that defies not only the laws of gravity, but of speed, rhythm and precision – but strip skipping, head-balancing Rubiks solving, and the world’s best game of "The Floor is Lava" have to be up there. Gravity truly is a myth for these incredible performers, and Jascha Boyce’s aerial routine suspended only by the bristling human tower of four men is astounding.

In the brief interludes between sets the acrobats stand in a row, slick with sweat and heavy with breath, grinning and eyeing one another daringly. Then, with a yell or a drum beat, they are off in another last-man-standing competition or one-upmanship exploit of tumbles, falls, leaps and dives. I’ve truly never seen anything quite like this. A Simple Space is an hour of the best kind of fun: a return to childish awe and wonderment, heart-stopping feats, and genuine astonishment. Best of all, this talent is home grown! I can’t recommend A Simple Space highly enough. Unfortunately, I can only officially give it five stars, but in my heart it has five thousand.