This show has the ultimate recipe for crowd-pleasing success. Six beautiful acrobats performing incredible physical feats to a backdrop of live beats with a generous dash of humour and audience participation.

The audience wraps around the stage, enveloping the performers in a pre-emptively warm embrace. With their reputation preceding them, they really couldn’t ask for a more receptive audience. Nor could they repay them with a more generous offering.

A Simple Space is brought to us by the now internationally acclaimed circus sensation Gravity & Other Myths, homegrown right here in Adelaide. A show that is simultaneously raw (the troupe all wear clothes of natural tones and perform barefoot) yet also at times frantic and vibrant, as the acrobats rush around each taking in turns ‘falling’; awaiting being caught.

The best part about this production is the honesty and wonderful energy the performers brought to the floor. Their excitement and love of their craft was tangible, and the audience clung onto their every move, accompanied by the superbly orchestrated score by Elliot Zoerner that navigated us through this impeccably delivered performance.

There’s really not a lot more to say about such a fine-tuned act, except to enter the dimly lit tent and let yourself be immersed a world where gravity doesn’t exist, and all doubt and earthly concerns fade away. Sit back and let the other-worldly music wash over you as these incredible acrobats deliver a tour-de-force performance demonstrating not only strength and skill, but also the art of play.