Have you seen Abandoman in previous years? Did you enjoy them? Would you like to see them again? Well then just go already – Rob Broderick and Sam Wilson are still doing basically the same thing, and they’ve still got it.

For the uninitiated, think a cheerful ruddy-cheeked Irishman (Broderick) freestyle rapping about a rogue’s gallery of audience members, as a fresh-faced fellow (Wilson) relies on his intuition to provide appropriate backup vocals and music via an assortment of computers and dials and buttons.

The evening begins inconspicuously with Broderick chatting away with the audience as he collates material, but once enough intel has been gathered on the room, his talents for sleights-of-tongue are well and truly unleashed.

A call out for examples of minor adversities saw Broderick moments later waxing lyrical about poor Jacinta being too short to ride rollercoasters, as the audience were cruelly urged to lift their arms in the air and enjoy the ride she was denied.

Asking if anyone was in a gang, Broderick discovered two members of the Chess Nuts, prompting a violent gangsta rap about a club that requires initiates to murder kings, rooks and bishops.

The participants roped into Broderick’s complex webs continually made cameos throughout the evening – Tarzan the wrestling enthusiast was never the focus of any one song, but nevertheless cropped up several times, including in the ode to Billy the “grave fisherman” (a mishearing of "cray fisherman"), a rap that saw Broderick briefly allude to The Undertaker in his wordflow – both a wrestling reference and the perfect moniker for a grave robber.

That was just one example of literally hundreds of masterfully-improvised tips of the hat to the audience Broderick had only gotten to know over the previous hour.

Yes, it is not much different to previous years, and there is the tiniest hint of complacency, but thanks to the spontaneous nature of their show Broderick and Wilson can keep doing this till the day they meet their real undertaker. Superb.