Abbott! The Musical is a musical comedy and political satire that holds nothing back when criticising the Abbott Government. Adelaide group George Glass perform to a full crowd and Abbott! The Musical lives up to expectations with a hilarious story line of well-placed quotes, surprisingly catchy songs, and a stellar performance from all involved.

Definitely aimed at those who are disenchanted with the current government, Abbott! The Musical follows Tony Abbott as a bumbling Prime Minister to be ousted by the much more charismatic Malcolm Turnbull. The entire cast pick up mannerisms and speech patterns of their characters so well it is almost disconcerting. In particular, Lisa Harper Campbell’s Julie Bishop is spectacular to watch, and Nic Conway’s Tony Abbott portrayal is downright eerie with his strange pauses and gesturing.

The show is spot on, from start to finish. All jokes are fantastic, but the more subtle jokes are particularly enjoyable: especially when small references are played so deeply they became blatant. Like the piece on menstrual — I mean, ministerial pads, and strategically-placed onions, for example.

The musical numbers showcased surprising talent from the cast, who sing and play their own instruments in songs like “Misogyny Me” and “Fuck 'Em All.” To begin with the drums were too loud and the audience couldn't hear some of the words sung. Which was disappointing, because the rest of the performances were absolutely side-splitting, and it is awful to miss even a minute of the laughter.

Abbott! The Musical draws its humour from parodying this train-wreck of a government, so of course they’ve got a giant ‘quote’ sign that lights up red every time a cast member says something that has been legitimately said by their character. While this happens often, it is always with impeccable timing, and the lines do not feel interposed but rather naturally worked into the script, which makes them even more fantastically offensive.

Abbott! The Musical is a must-see for those who simultaneously groaned at classic Tony moments – like his onion munching, budgie smuggling, and his clumsy opinions on virginity and housewives – but secretly revelled in the idiocy that is Tony Abbott.

The show is running until the 5th of March, and you can find me in the audience every night until then, cackling gleefully in the front row.