There is a reason this has an 11:30 p.m. timeslot. This is a strictly R-rated freak show. You will see flaps.

This will make you cringe – in fact, on the night I went, some lady in the audience basically narrated the whole show with her ooohs, aaahs and squeals.

This trio of craziness comprises Samora Squid, Jenn O. Cide and Princess Tweedle Needle.

Squid is whatever the thing is where you can disjoint everything and bend every which way. He does that and more to add some extra light touches to his tomfoolery. Jenn O. Cide is a 'made freak', meaning that she has strengthened her body in ways to support weight that would make any woman kind of jealous. For me, Tweedle Needle is undoubtedly the star of the show. She literally bleeds for her art, but I have to say missing Groupe F wasn't a problem for me anymore as I got to see her produce sparks up close and personal.

While not strictly my cup of straight Jack Daniels, the audience definitely enjoyed it and there were moments of glory (see above mention of sparks).

This is definitely something for a late night at Gluttony if you are ready to see something quite a bit bizarre. Just make sure you have waited at least thirty minutes after your last meal.