Showcasing some fantastic female talent from the Fringe, Adeladies – Best of the Fringe’s Funny Females certainly lives up to its claim. The line-up changes each week, providing the audience with a wide range of comedy styles, which is great way to scout for more shows to see or to condense a lot of Fringe laughs into one night.

Cath Styles played host, hyping the audience up for the four women performing that evening – Isabella Valette, Wendy Torbet, Deb Bland and Jenny Collier. Styles shared her own hilarious comedy between acts, keeping the audience laughing as the next performer took the stage.

Torbet performed two delightfully nerdy songs and Deb Bland treated the audience with jokes about being lady like, and her cultural heritage.

Highlights of the show, however, were Valette and Collier. Valette, the first of the four to take the stage, performed a sample of her show Mediawhore as her character, April Fools, and featured two musical numbers that had the audience roaring with laugher. A heckler in the front row tried his own comedy out, but Valette dished it right back, much to the amusement of the rest of the audience. Collier, the last to perform, delighted the audience with her quick wit and Welsh jokes, and confused us with her innocently delivered fart jokes.

Adeladies showcases some of the Fringe’s best female talent, and if you’re not sure which Fringe shows you want to see this year, this will give you a sample of what is available.

Adeladies is on every Sunday until the 13th of March. Why not go twice? The line-up changes every week.