There has been an ever-increasing number of shows coming out, lately, about the transition to independence and financial stability in your late twenties. Gen Ys, I think, have developed a bit of a complex about their own sense of adulthood, thanks in part to the unending train of condescending think-pieces telling us we're doing it wrong. And so although there is a lot of scope to make art about this topic, you often get a fairly predictable treatment of it, with the usual rotunda of self-effacing jokes about how irresponsible we are with our credit-card debt, irregular dentist appointments, and alcohol-fuelled ASOS binges.

I knew Luna Eclipse was going to wade into this territory from the title of the show alone, but I was hoping she would do something interesting with it — and I wasn't disappointed. It does start off with some pretty familiar material, and consequently this show gets off to a slow start, but as Eclipse reveals more of her personal life to the audience the show becomes more unique and, by turns, more enjoyable.

It also doesn't hurt that the burlesque gets a bit more raunchy, and the audience certainly perked up for the casino bit. I'm not going to lie, it got my attention too, and it served as an excellent showcase for Eclipse's talent. Even if, in retrospect, the segue that got us there seems a bit threadbare.

It's Eclipse's personality that really comes through in this show, though: 'adult-ish' does not just refer to her mixed success at being a grownup, but also to a child-like sense of play that she channels in her performance. Not immature, as such, so much as light-hearted and fun. Eclipse is alternatively confident and self-conscious, as she charms and woos the crowd. It's enough to raise what can be a bit of an uneven show into something endearing and memorable.