Total is a fast paced and sometimes rambling standup performed by London comedian Ahir Shah – a comedian who is unapologetically political and isn’t afraid to tackle complex topics.

Shah laments with the audience about the current state of the world – Brexit, the rise of the alt-right in America, and Trump’s presidency are all tackled beautifully. Sex and relationship feature, and Shah manages to fit them perfectly into the rest of his material. Not all of Shah’s topics relate to one another, but he brings them together into a cohesive and satisfying overall narrative.

A lot of little things make this show so great. Shah has a good physicality for such a small venue – for not having performed before an Australian audience before, Shah manages to play to his audience with ease. A running gag about off milk throughout the show works perfectly both visually and as a tie up at the end of the show.

While this performance was Shah’s first this Fringe season, and it is clear he has notes written down on his iPad, at times it seems as if the show is completely stream-of-consciousness. But none of this is a detriment to the show, and while there are parts that are momentarily hard to follow, the audience soon catches on.

Ahir Shah: Total manages to be both thought provoking and light-hearted fun. His quick, intellectual humour leaves us feeling smarter leaving the show than we did going in, without it feeling like a lesson.