There is something about an Irish man that is just inherently funny. Just the sound of an Irish man saying the word 'hilarious' cracks me up. Aidan Killian doesn’t rest on his clover-coloured laurels, though, and delivers a show that is caustically anti-establishment and wickedly clever.

Killian’s stage presence is undeniable. He bounds and gambols across the stage like a bantam chicken and, whilst his show isn't reliant on audience participation, he is amiable and friendly and connects well with the crowd.

Follow the Money is an intelligent exposition on the history of fiat currency, its flimsy nature, and the the many ways in which the system is seriously messed up.

Killian's retelling of his torturous and delightfully infuriating conversations with the debt collection agent who called to ask him to pay his long unpaid credit card bill almost makes you sorry for the hapless debt collector. (Kidding, no one feels sorry for debt collectors.) Intertwined with this, Killian gives a brief history of the establishment of the fiat currency system and his feelings about bankers generally. He should know. According to his website, Killian started out his career as an investment banker, hard though that is to imagine when confronted with a singing dancing bearded anarchist.

The show is punctuated by random bursts of song that don't really add much except to allow Killian to demonstrate his rather lovely, lilting singing voice.

This is a feel good belly laugh show for those with a sense of social justice and a love of Irish accents. Killian is self-effacing, witty without being arrogant, and full of outrage. He also holds a grudge. I have awarded him 4 stars, and hope that this is satisfactory to him. I don't want to find out that he is reciting my review word for word in his next show.