Much lauded comedian and banjo-player extraordinaire Alice Fraser has launched another solo show, this time examining power, privilege and revenge. Aptly named Empire, this performance takes off with a daring use of cleavage and dangerous looking shoulder-pads. By way of introduction and disclaimer, the audience is introduced to the “Observer Effect”, illustrated so beguilingly through the lens of stock Disney film tropes. Before the audience has time to come to grips with the imposing costume choice, Alice begins a dizzying series of powerfully-human anecdotes and punchlines from which no one can escape.

The marks of Alice's extensive university career, and impressive reading habit, can be seen in her persistently academic style. Her humour is perceptive, occasionally devastatingly cutting and authoritative. Despite being a critically-acclaimed comedian, and well-practiced in her art, Alice’s obvious nervous energy and contagious smile make her all the more endearing and forgivable – even when you are the target of her verbal tirade. It is all in good fun.

If you have any interest in human behaviour, the power plays constantly underway in our lives and the role of privilege-guilt, I would highly recommend this rich and potent show to you.


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