Brisbane comedy duo BangNation, comprised of Taylor Edwards and Chris Martin, begin their show wearing military caps, hands over chests and singing the BangNation anthem.

The duo are funny and genuine. They open with a skit that revolves around a huge prop dildo, attached by string to a key, before moving on to a number of quick sketches. Highlights involved high-stakes acrobatics, therapy and robbery, and a poem about not being a duck.

The audience was small, which was unfortunate because several of the skits relied heavily on audience participation. Despite the small crowd, the duo were positive and encouraging.

While BangNation showcased the potential of Edwards and Martin, the show simply did not take off — although not for lack of trying. Most of the skits were amusing, but didn’t have a punch in the delivery that the audience was waiting for. With such a small audience the atmosphere was pretty stagnant, and there was occasional cringing where there should have been laughter.

BangNation boasted fast paced comedy and laughs, but could not deliver on the night. Edwards and Martin were charming and excelled at audience interaction, which was unfortunate, because they simply did not have the numbers.