“Welcome to the club where anything can happen.”

Like a perfect vaudeville dream, Bernie Dieter's family of misfits dazzle and delight the audience with exquisite performances and richly-nuanced characters. From an impeccably dressed drag queen. belting out a grief-soaked love-song with a mouth full of chips and Nutella, to a mime who is sick of being French, we are dropped into a world where anything is possible.

Bernie Dieter demonstrates incredible prowess in the realm of audience interaction, toying with her audience like a cat with a mouse. This includes coining nicknames for hapless male audience members, including 'Babyface', 'Sixty Shades of Grey' and 'Shaven Haven', all of whom had the pleasure of carrying her sequined self from the audience to centre stage.

Incredible original musical tracks delight the audience, who are hypnotised by the synchronous performance of a beautiful man twirling on a hoop to the rhythm of Bernie's exquisite song. Her humorous lyrics hinge on hilarious concepts like receiving an unsolicited dick-pic (which she has blown up to poster size next to a picture of a naked mall-rat to emphasise their uncanny likeness), and not receiving enough oral pleasure as she repeats the line "Lick My Pussy!" in an all-powerful operatic soprano.

Bernie Dieter's incredible Berlin kabarett collects the best of the best, offering a unique cabaret experience that will enchant even the most experienced Fringe-goer. There is a first for everyone, whether it's a living doll simulating sex with an enormous orange duck-beak for a mouth, or a fire eating bombshell flirting with her audience. As Bernie herself points out, "That is what tonight is all about – living in the moment."


Bernie Dieter's Little Death Club plays until Gluttony until the close of Fringe (every night except Mondays). Tickets can be purchased here.