Best Of Adelaide Fringe: Late Show is back! After a successful run last year at the always-cool Belgian Beer Café, the comedy smorgasbord returns with snippets of the best stand-up the Fringe has to offer. Running almost every night of the Fringe, Late Show is the perfect opportunity to ‘try-before-you-buy’, showcasing a different selection of local and international comedy acts from the Garden of Unearthly Delights each night.

Fringe anxiety is no laughing matter. With over 1,000 Fringe events to choose from, narrowing down your Fringe selection can be downright overwhelming. The Late Show takes the stress, and the choice, out of your hands. You won’t know exactly what you’re signing up for when you take your seat in the delightfully air conditioned venue, but you’ll know it’ll be entertaining.

Such was the atmosphere when my Fringe buddy and I took our seats at the Belgian Beer Café a few nights ago. The room was buzzing with excitement (and possibly beer) when we arrived, and already almost packed out. We threw caution to the wind and snagged one of the comfiest-looking couches in the very front row. Front row at a comedy show, I know. However, our gamble paid off! Pro-tip, folks: almost all the comedians’ ire was directed over our heads to the far less comfortable second row.[1]

Our line-up featured the always-offensive Mickey D, the silent stylings of Mute Matt, the tender Tinder tales of Evan Desmarais, and the charismatic Nik Coppin. Mute Matt was the easy standout of the evening, providing a welcome break from the swearing and self-deprecating jokes. Mute Matt makes you giggle without quite knowing why. There’s something about his big, expressive beard (and eyes, I suppose) and the way he silently convinces audience members to beat one another with sticks for chocolate that just really tickles something deep inside you.

For the discerning Fringe-goer, Best of Adelaide Fringe: Late Show is the perfect way to cap off a night at the Fringe! With a surprise line-up, easy access to delicious Belgian beer, and the promise of no-holds-barred late-night jokes, what better way to round up an evening?


  1. No promises here, though. I mean, it is a mixed-bag show. But snag one of those front couches anyway. They’re super comfortable, and you deserve to live a little. ↩︎