Bobby Macumber is the title character in Bobby’s Bits, a standup comedy show that takes its jokes from Macumber’s own life. She draws humour from her experience as the child from a multicultural background, and her relationship with her family as an out lesbian woman.

A natural at stand up, Macumber’s jokes flow effortlessly. She is outgoing and friendly, and the audience can’t help but be charmed by her.

Drawing laughs out of the audience through jokes and anecdotes about various combinations of friends, family and partners, Macumber does have a few jokes that fall flat. But she shrugs them off and continues performing, learning from her audience and targeting the next jokes to hit.

Macumber’s accents are spot on, ranging from her impression of her Pacific-Islander mother, to a very confused Southern American at a boom gate.

Surprising the audience with her musical talents, Macumber treated the audience to a few songs throughout her performance, dedicating them to coming out, and to her partner’s lack of punctuality.

The show’s rhythm is incredible – each segment transitions effortlessly into the next, but is sometimes perhaps too quick, as the audience is left slightly dazed when the show comes to its abrupt stop.

Macumber’s jokes about her mother were particularly enjoyable, but the anecdotes about her partner took the cake. Because of course, what good lesbian standup doesn’t include a story set in a Bunnings?