Briefs took the Fringe by storm last year with their jaw-dropping fusion of circus, drag and burlesque – or, more accurately, boylesque. Since then they've been touring the globe in trademark style. This year, they're back with a combination of classic and all-new material (outfits as well as acts). This highly anticipated show is dirty, shameless, flirty, fabulous and a huge amount of fun.

It would be worth the price of admission just to admire this absolutely gorgeous troupe of performers – but they're disgustingly talented as well as obscenely good-looking. There's hair-raising stunts and jaw-dropping dance moves, and not a false eyelash out of place.

This is an incredibly polished, taut and well put-together performance – seamless without seeming like it's even trying. Special mention must go to our host and MC for the evening, whose effortless management of the audience had them roaring with laughter and applause from the outset.

Get dressed up, have a few cocktails and make a night of it, but book ahead. They're already selling out and it's no wonder why. Just — don't bring the kids. Trust me on that one.