Bubble Show for Adults Only is a truly delicious concoction of the best parts of Fringe. It is cheeky in its approach to audience interaction, saucy in its costumes and adult humour and artful in its absolute mastery of bubble-blowing.

The duo comprising Bubble Laboratory present a fabulously flirty affair full of mature age fun. Their absolute commitment to their act makes them a joy to watch, as they each embody their quirky characters down to the most minute detail. You can look forward to outrageous facial expressions and gestures that drive the humour of this peculiar show to a hysterical level. Believe me when I say that this relentless pair will not leave a dry seat in the house, or in the case of one lucky viewer, a dry head of hair and pants.

Whether it’s through the true mastery of their craft that sees the two performers build, blow and burst incredible bubble formations with the command of a straw, or through the imminent threat of having to kiss your neighbour, the artists ruthlessly grip your attention through the whole hour show.

A great musical soundtrack accompanies the performance, supporting the arc of the subtle storyline. Sometimes a quirky folk tune underscores an awkward date. Later on a hard-core electro beat pumps in time to a bikini-clad woman whisking giant dick shaped bubbles through the air. What's next? You could never guess.

Without spoiling anything, I would simply urge you to snag a hot date and bring them to this raunchy show. This saucy pair will leave no moment for an awkward silence, instead dazzling you with visually striking, and sometimes slightly disturbing visions.


Bubble Show for Adults Only plays at Gluttony until the final day of Fringe. Tickets can be purchased here.