While not a show about butts or donuts, Annie Louey's Butt Donut guides us down her personal memory lane to share anecdotes of her life, from near death experiences and scandallous family histories, to how bananas can sometimes make us realise how lucky we really are.

The classic coming-of-age tale of travel, love, and heartache is turned on its head by a shocking event in Louey's teens. This event (which inspires her show title) coupled with her walking the line between cultures, provides her with a chllenging but facinating world viewpoint.

Louey's style and charisma are a joy to experience; she's one of those performers who is instantly likable. She owns her spotlight as well as the fact that she's managing most other aspects of the show, such as front of house. Lighthearted and endearing, she gives off a welcoming vibe, full of confidence and warmth.

Regarding the show itself, I felt parts of her performance could have been further polished, with stronger transitions and a more cohesive progression through the stories she was telling. Additionally, I feel as though she's put too much in this show. There is enough content in Butt Donut to produce two or three specific shows that could go into greater depth while still maintaining their comedy value.

These points aside, her confidence and charm is 100% there; Butt Donut is worth checking out to support a promising up-and-coming comedian. As for the future: I'd be keeping a sharp eye on Annie Louey if I were you.