Look, to begin rather gauchely on a personal note, this is the first show I've reviewed this Fringe. I didn't want to pop my five-star cherry this early, honest, but I've been given no choice. Butt Kapinski is a solid hour of hysterical suspense and raucous laughter, whether you're a film noir buff or have only heard the term in passing.

First things first, if you're squeamish about audience interaction – well, I'd say you're going to have a bad time, but more importantly, you're wrong. People who don't like audience interaction have generally only had bad experiences. It doesn't have to be awful, or uncomfortable, or embarrassing. Let Butt show you how it's done.

This is an extremely polished piece of comedy that by the nature of its construction is semi-improvised every night. The set and tech are minimal (half the lighting has been secreted away inside our hero's trenchcoat) and the circular seating arrangements might make you hesitate. Sit wherever you like – nowhere's safe from Kapinski's spotlight.

Nor would you want to be. Fleysher's connection to and complicity with the audience is a beautiful thing to be a part of. And without giving too much away about all the intriguing twists and turns, there's a fair bit of commentary on the faults and foibles of film noir – especially its sexism - thrown in among all the laughter.

This brilliant not-really-a-one-man-show (for several reasons) is what Fringe time is all about, and it's running nearly every night til the 13th of March. Make the time.