Juan Vesuvius returns to Adelaide to continue our education on the history of the Carribean and the wonders of Calypso, Soca and Chutney music.

Fans will remember Juan from Calypso Nights, cult hit of last year's Fringe. Moving on from Tuxedo Cat – that perennial predictor of great new talent – Juan is now bringing huge smiles and fits of giggles to the late night Garden crowd.

Juan, Two? is a completely new show, using fresh jokes and stories to riff on the same theme. If you went last year,  you'll be able to jump straight in without skipping a beat. Newcomers will be lubed up and slipped into the craziness in no time.

Juan pulls off two impressive feats in Calypso Nights: Juan, Two? First, he uses very silly character comedy to actually teach his audience something. Second, his character is so convincing that you would have no idea that this Venezuelan sensation is in fact Kiwi actor and comic Barnie Duncan.

Hitting the decks and going mental with the cross-fade, DJ Juan uses the power of music to not just entertain, but inspire. There are some very important moral lessons here, hidden in the humour.

It sure doesn't feel like a lecture though. This is a party. And a bloody good one at that.

Get ready to wave the flag for your new-found nation, get onstage with the band, and hang out for a dance. Just pray that you don't have to taste the chutney.

I predict an upsurge in use of the expression "Adelaide. Beautiful. Wow." after this Fringe. In fact, beautiful people of Adelaide, I predict that you'll be wowed by Juan. He's charming, funny, and incredibly loveable. So get your Calypso on and have one hell of a night with Juan. Wow.