Honest, informative, and appropriately brutal, Frank Hampster’s Cardinal Sins 'Court out!' is a powerful hour exploring the Catholic Church’s history of abuse, the real people whose lives were impacted, and the histories and fates of the Australian priests, bishops, and cardinals whose past has finally caught up with them.

Half comedy show, half information session, it’s perhaps not what might be considered by punters in 2019 as a ‘usual’ Fringe show. But it incorporates everything the Fringe was set up to achieve: shows built to engage and experiment with creative ideas and progressive thought. As a survivor of abuse himself, Frank’s strength and clarity of purpose is surely a supporting force to those who have been marginalised or wounded by the actions of such utterly despicable asswipes.

Frank’s passion is undeniable – he’s more than willing to sit around after the show and answer any questions audience members might have for him. He’s approachable, factual, open, and genuinely lovely. The type of guy I’d like to sit and have a beer with. Additionally, I thoroughly appreciated his witty lyricism and wonderful singing voice – there were times through his performance where I felt a duet with Tim Minchin wouldn’t go astray.

The challenging nature of the material might be enough to put people off. If you’re on the fence, then take this recommendation:

See the show.

Think about the content, talk to Frank, discuss the show with your friends. Frank himself jokes that it can be difficult to get people to see a show about paedophiles and child abuse, but the leap of faith is worth it. You’ll come out the other side, at the least, more informed in paedo-priest current affairs and, at the most, moved and inspired to promote positive change around you.

This is one man’s attempt to lift veils of secrecy, to make approaching how we deal with abuse as a society more effective, and to make the world a better place through  love and respect. It’s an attempt that I’m certain will succeed.'


Cardinal Sin Courts Out runs at the Griffins Hotel until 24th February. Tickets can be purchased here.