This is a circus ode to our sunburnt country, celebrating all the things that make us great (in an awesome bogan way), like footy and pub rock, but mainly a love of beer. And, while hilarious, it also manages to poke some fun at the things that make us not so great – mainly, government policy.

Malia Walsh, Shannon McGurgan and Farhad Ahadi come together to celebrate STRAYA with unparalleled fervour. Walsh is an absolute pocket rocket, defying logic by suspending her larger male counterparts on her knees and shoulders to create crazy human structures. McGurgan's strength is enormous, but is ever so slightly shown-up by his animated lip-syncing to some classic Acca Dacca. And Ahahi manages to sweetly and cleverly pull at your heartstrings, all while standing on one hand.

The three combined bring you some high energy and frantic acrobatics. This is down to earth and gutsy, in contrast to some of the more overly-polished, high-end Garden shows, and the audience definitely appreciated it. For a Tuesday night the place was pretty packed, and there was many a howl, scream, laugh, stomp and thunderous applause. Seriously, why wouldn't there be? To see a chick mount a suspended Coopers keg is a splendorous sight to behold.

Walsh was obviously touched at the reaction, and I got a little emotional seeing them enthusiastically run up and hug a guy giving a standing ovation in the front row.

So if you like your circus a little rough and tough, with ultra high energy and as Australian as meat pies, Ken Done, Cold Chisel and beer, beer, beer, then get along to the Corona Theatre as it is well worth the $30 price tag.