Cirque Nocturne is a good-old fashioned circus: juggling, fire twirling, acrobatics and more with a film noir vibe.

Cirque Nocturne invites you to join a bumbling distracted private detective as he attempts to solve a crime, that is never identified or solved, by standing around smoking and looking uninterested as various performers cavort in front of him. Despite the somewhat meandering storyline, the costumes are great, the music is a toe-tapping mix of tunes, and there were some really stand out performances.

The cast might not have hit their stride just yet, but what they lack in finesse is made up for in exuberance and heart. They are an Adelaide circus and I think by the end of the run they will be a lot better, even more so by next fringe.

It's not as risqué as it is billed to be, but will probably titillate your grandparents and be enjoyed by anyone who loves traditional circus.