With only ten years left on Earth before being shot towards the Red Planet, Josh Richards is doing what is only logical – living out of a single backpack, using space to get laid, and performing narrative comedy with the help of his trusty ukulele.

He's living the dream.

Cosmic Nomad is a fascinating tale of how a man who used to dress as a koala and sing songs on stage escaped life in Perth by becoming shortlisted for a one-way trip to Mars.

I considered applying for the Mars One gig myself, so I found the concept of the show very intriguing. But even those who are horrified by such a venture will enjoy listening to Richards' perspectives on life, love and space exploration.

As the show was opening night a lot of different material was being tried out, which interrupted the flow of the presentation a little, but that's only to be expected. I can see this show evolving dramatically over the course of the Fringe. Some of the humour was a little predictable but the performance, and the performer himself, was so endearing and thoroughly interesting that it didn't really matter. Plus, I received some handy tips on attracting a mate through the power of space exploration, which may yet prove useful.

This kind of show isn't for everyone, but for those interested in space, science, grown men dressed as koalas, or the anthropology behind one man's desire to live and die on another planet, I can highly recommend this show. Additionally, he only has ten years left on earth, so really, this show is limited edition. Definitely worth getting along to see Richards' perform before he forever escapes our atmosphere.