Imagine if you will: it's Tuesday night. 11pm. It's a work night and people have responsibilities and places to be in the morning. Apparently, though, the pull of Ryan Good is strong enough to pack out the venue; strong enough to turn us all from late night show-goers into friends.

Ryan Good has mad skillz is what I'm trying to say.

This may not be important to others, but an eloquence in storytelling pulls me in – it's like heroin for my ears. He talks of heartbreak and depression and feeling lost with sincerity and openness, as though it were the most normal thing to talk about to a group of strangers. It's a quality I adored in this show. Being able to discuss serious topics such as these with humour and love lends a certain indescribable magic to the hour.

Additionally, he's immeasurably funny. He manages to hilariously mix sexy, saucy tales with heart, soul and beauty in a way that ensures things never get grossly smutty. The whole venue was often rich with body shaking laughter, as well as cries of disbelief, as he discussed Cosmopolitan magazine's 10 Worst Sex Tips of All Time. And boy, were they bad. It's worth seeing the show just to witness the level of ridiculousness that the Cosmopolitan Magazine editorial history is rife with.

With audience participation provided by one lucky person (our lucky contestant was Thomas, who was absolutely glorious!) and some wonderful ukulele tunes, I highly recommend staying up late on a school night to catch this show. I promise I won't tell your mum on you.