One of my favourite types of Fringe shows are the type where you learn while you're entertained. Part comedy, part poultry documentary, Crazy Chicken Nerd is very much this type of show.

If you've ever wanted to own chickens, if you're curious about the idea of raising chickens, if you've ever come in contact with the word 'chicken' and want to know more, Jenny Birks will give you the comedy down low on what being a crazy chicken nerd is really like.

I love chickens and I love nerd stuff so I was sold on the show before I even got there. However, I was not fully prepared for the best part of the show: Birks brings in her chicken BMO!


I have never been more convinced that I need a chicken than I was at that moment in time.

BMO wanders around during the show, clucking happily and being exceptionally fluffy, while Birks reveals the good, bad, and ugly sides of being a chicken owner.

From the complexities of the pecking order within her flock, to early morning chicken chores, to bringing near-dead birds back to life, Birks delivers a heart-warming and humerous show that you never knew you needed to see.

As an aside, Birks mentioned during the show that there aren't that many beginner's guides on raising chickens in Australia– if she writes a guide and has it for sale at Fringe 2019, I'd be on that faster than a southern colonel on a drumstick.

It's not the most polished show in the Fringe, but it has stolen my heart; it's funny, it's charming, it's got a real live chicken. I very much enjoyed this performance and I look forward to Birks' future endeavours.