Sick of seeing their friends on Facebook have successful lives and careers while being left behind, Honor Wolff and Patrick Durnam Silva decide to do a cull of their Facebook-friends lists.

Somewhat musical theatre with a little bit of cult worship thrown in, Cull takes us on a wild ride through media trends. Featuring skits on the best from different social media platforms –w YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – the most innocuous of these become surreal with bizarre plot twists or horror movie-esque music and lighting. For a performance based on pop-culture and fleeting trends, Cull does not leave an audience member behind.

Cull is intense from beginning to end and features, among many other things, high energy dance moments, too-long pauses, brilliantly over the top acting and perfectly subtle audience interaction. At points there were times where the energy was slightly too high for Wolff and Durnam Silva, and lines delivered after a particularly intense dance session were panted rather than spoken, and not heard by the audience.

Comprising of many smaller skits brought together by a dance piece or change in lighting, Cull uses this jarringly fast change and disjointed and feverish feel to work perfectly as a reflection of the pop culture trends being displayed – there in a moment, moved onto something else in the next without a backwards glance.

Part acid nightmare, part social media commentary, and part dark comedy, but not necessarily in that order, Cull is a wild ride that fulfils all of your Fringe needs.