Living by ‘the gospel of Tyra Banks’ means you have to be fierce all the time – even when you’re pouring your muesli. So what does that mean? And what’s stopping us ladies from embracing our inner and outer fierce?

Luckily Dash and D’Bree (Hayley Butcher and Kat Mroz), besties from the Melbourne burbs, are here to help. Through the power of rap.

Dash and D’Bree rose to renown in Australia’s Got Talent, auditioning with their STI-avoidance education track, "Clap Rap". They’ve since followed up with a web series chronicling their lives in retail following their five minutes of fame.

With a mix of original songs and their take on pop hits, from Spice Girls to George Michael, these ladies work the crowd through the ‘confusion spiral of being fierce’ in a mutual therapy session.

The lyrics are funny, but don’t expect mellifluous tones. Staying in character at times comes at the cost of singing quality. They really lift their game for "Freedom" though.

With hair flicks, TayTay eyes and attempted audience interaction, Dash and D’Bree put in a solid effort to engage a hesitant, 6:30pm-on-the-first-night-of-fringe crowd.

Being the first night of their season, it felt like Hayley and Kat were still workshopping their material. Or maybe they just prefer to roll it loose for their live shows. Tightening it up would really lift the show though, as I found myself disengaging in some of the ad-libbing sections.

Having said that, when it was good it was good. Their description of women receiving compliments disintegrating into tumbleweeds and tumbling away was particularly resonant, as was a song about how we constantly apologise for no reason.

The show peaked with a singalong of INXS’ "Never Tear Us Apart", complete with some very special instrumentals. Uplifting and hilarious.

Like a demented cross between Taylor Swift and Kath and Kim, Dash and D’Bree are here to teach you how to be a rebel by loving yourself. So listen up, and get fierce.


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