Doctor in the House was utterly fantastic and you should 100% see it. Twice.

For the sake of padding I shall elaborate, although that first sentence really does sum up my opinion.

In an all-singing, all-dancing, all-twerking evening of laughs and medical insight, Dr Ahmed takes the audience on an insightful and curious journey into the world of the medico.

As a medical scientist myself, I nodded along with deep-seated enthusiasm as he described being fascinated by disease and illness. As a scientist who is also an artist, I connected with his desire to balance science and analysis with fabulousness and sequins. As someone who has looked at their life and decided to do a 180° on their career, I respect and applaud his foray into comedy. I'm possibly his target audience personified, but I have a feeling that there are many other out there just like me.

Commando patients, angry grannies, frighteningly accurate accents, devastating Bollywood moves – the Doctor has something for everyone! But in addition to a varied and agile skillset, Dr Ahmed also provides high levels of comfort and understanding, as any good GP would. So, if you know a medical practitioner/student and you've been confused by their behaviour, this show will explain their quirks. If you have wondered why your GP often runs late, this show will clarify that phenomenon. If you like to laugh your ass off and have a doctor on hand to help reattach it, I'm not entirely certain, but he seems like the type of person who can probably help with that.

If you only see one show this Fringe, make it this one.