Pat McCaffrie, of Don’t Watch the News Watch Pat McCaffrie, pulls laughs out of the most dry and frustrating topic within current affairs – Australian politics.

McCaffrie isn’t afraid to tackle the heavy stuff. Highlighting the madness in the Liberal party’s harassment policy, questioning the opposition to gay marriage, and critiquing the Islamic State’s marketing scheme, McCaffrie’s jokes are so clever and quick that the audience would often giggle, pause slightly, and then laugh in earnest as they realised the extent of the joke.

The show only improves as it goes on – perhaps McCaffrie gets more comfortable with the audience or finds the swing of the stand up but, as the show develops, the quality climbs.

While it doesn’t detract from the show, there are some unusual references made by McCaffrie. While joking about politics, he initially throws out a few football references that seem out of place – although he eventually ties them together in a longer piece featuring the Fremantle Football Club.

And the ending skit on edgy comedy seems a tad out of place, which, while this is the intention of the piece, has the show ending on an odd note.

Geared to those with an interest in current events and politics, McCaffrie brilliantly takes the most ridiculous parts of Australian politics and turns them into gold.