High ponytail-toting, bejazzled vest-wearing power duo Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew present Double Denim: A Very Fancy Dinner Party, loaded with funny skits and characters to die for. From best friends from the south of England, to a problematic father and son duo with a gluten intolerance, they stop at nothing to make sure their audience splits their side laughing.

We join the girls on their slightly frantic but fantastic mission to impress the judges with their lobster bisque, all the while tackling a myriad of other problems as they arise. Like the time Michelle "broke up with a gaggle of Tims", which unfortunately included Laura's fiancé, or Trent's attempt to "destroy the pastriarchy" (less meat pies on the menu, please).

They wove in pop classics like "Hit Me Baby One More Time", which perfectly complimented their repertoire of original tracks – my highlight was "the cheese song," which was both inspirational and educational.

Brasier and Frew possess excellent on-stage chemistry, and consistently play off of each other's energy, especially evident in ad-libbed moments. My only suggestion would be to reign themselves in and tighten the screws, as things began to unravel towards the end. Cut the strange chase sequence, don't bring back the crab, and perhaps write a finish that is worthy of this otherwise genius show.

With a dash of Broad City and a hint of The Mighty Boosh, we find ourselves whisked into a state of comedic ecstasy that makes this show a must see of the season.


Double Denim: A Very Fancy Dinner Party plays at the Garden of Unearthly Delights until 3rd March. Tickets can be purchased here.