The End is Nigh, as capitalism has stretched the tasteful bounds of good taste (yet again), suicide-cult Messiahs are popping-up all over the Middle Kingdom, dance-floor handjobs are becoming a popular enthusiast hobby, and cyclists are now allowed to ride on our footpaths at speeds of up to 80km/h! Truly, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and Duncan M. Turner is here to tell you all about it.

At least, that's the over-boiled summary of this show. Turner is a lively host, but he's also quite a mellow fellow, and the bulk of his show is composed of funny conversational asides that are interesting, entertaining, and sometimes even educational. Basically, Turner knows how to read an audience, and he takes them on a pleasant boat ride without (in this metaphor) losing anyone over the side or steering into choppy waters. You are, in End is Nigh, in very safe hands.

It was preview night, though. Some jokes landed, some didn't. It didn't matter, because it was still all in good fun, and by the time anyone else catches up with the show I'm confident those wrinkles will be ironed out. And those jokes that did hit their mark came frequently and fast!

Loose, fun and relaxed: Turner is a confident comedian who didn't disappoint on a preview night, having recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (no truly), and it is easy decision to check out this show if you're in the mood for some smart, slightly-weird comedy.