There’s been a zombie breakout in Rymill Park and three muscly studs – sorry, "scientists" – are responsible. The aim of our burly professors was to create an elixir of life, and oh boy did they achieve it! Cal Harris, Thomas Gorham and Rowan Thomas deliver an hour of breathtaking acrobatics and hilarious slapstick as they test themselves for perfect strength, agility and dexterity. Yes, please!

Harris, the strongman, and Gorham, the flyer and headstand extraordinaire, seem invincible as they soar through a series of ever more daring acrobatics. From two-man balancing, teeterboard tumbles, and the most incredible swinging trapeze I’ve ever seen (freaking headstand trapeze, guys!) these dudes know how to thrill. They also know how to play up their incredible strength (by which I mean sweat-glistening muscles) for laughs and gasps, parading shirtless and teasing their audience. Thomas, the hilarious slapstick clown, tries to match up, and his playful take on little guy syndrome results in hilarious chaos. Thomas’ comic timing is excellent, and his wide, cheeky grin and classic slapstick clowning add not only a lot of humour, but great heart to the show. His drunken Cyr wheel routine is also not to be missed!

The three make an excellent team and with the addition of a few dance numbers and some surprising burlesque for good measure, Elixir has everything you could ask for and more in great Fringe circus. Elixir is fast becoming one of the Fringe’s must-see acts, so get to the Peacock while you can!