Emily Tresidder: Crazy Is is a stand up show that points out all the crazy things in life. Tresidder created the show as a way to open up dialogue about mental illness, and she is selling copies of the book used in her show to raise money for charity.

Starting a little late because of a mix up, Tresidder took a while to get things underway, and there were a few flops where she would have had more laughs if her delivery had been ready. But she is a bubbly and outgoing performer, and the joke she made about her celebrity doppelgänger being Jennifer Lawrence was spot on – she’s funny, a little bit clumsy, and she can laugh at herself.

At points, the last bit was needed: a lot of the jokes had so much build-up that the one-word punchline was a let down. But she powered through, and the show became much more enjoyable as she got into the swing of things.

Tresidder reads her picture book to the audience, breaking it into three major sections. Between readings, she leaves the audience in suspense as she gets back to her main skits. This was a good technique, but it didn’t quite work, as by the time we had got back to the book the audience was less interested and distracted by all the gags in between.

Emily Tresidder: Crazy Is has a lot of potential, but just didn’t seem to be able to deliver. The show was disjointed at points, and some jokes were a bit too average for an audience that had gone in reading the show’s bio and were prepared for something completely weird.