As far as Fringe shows go, this is one of the most original and intriguing I've ever seen. Eric's Tales of the Sea combines comedic tales of life, a documentary-style explanation of the submariner's ordeal, and Eric's personal tongue-in-cheek approach to life and shenanigans aboard a submarine. These are the types of stories you expect to hear down the pub over a few drinks: laid-back, honest, entirely amusing. Only this one comes with a bonus slide show.

From his humble beginnings as a submariner-in-training (and the trials associated with such a choice of career), through to life on and off the boat, Eric reminisces over both the hilarious and the devastating in his fancy white turtle-neck — which I commend him for wearing, despite the sweltering heat. Here is a man dedicated to his show.

If you're looking for non-stop laughs and a pure stand-up comedy routine, you'll not find it here. But I believe that this is better. There is a fascinating world to discover through Eric's show — not just a world underwater, but also the world that is formed through the precious bonds that are shared between life-long friends. As a side note, anyone who is, was, or knows someone in the armed services, you'll get a kick out of these stories and Eric's style of comedy.

As a lover of comedy, documentaries, and tales down the pub, Eric's show struck a solid chord with me. I would definitely recommend checking it out.


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