Nothing gets me going like an escape room – finally cracking a code and earning your escape is a great adrenaline rush. I guess I’m just the kind of gal who likes paying strangers to lock her up ;).

For the uninitiated, an escape room is a real-life puzzle scenario where you are locked in a room and must solve a series of riddles in order to escape the room before the clock runs out. In Escape the Past! the audience becomes a gang of time-travelling agents trapped in Las Vegas, 1951. Where, in order to escape back to your own time, you have to unlock the time portal hidden inside a seedy hotel room.

During our showing, we experienced a couple of teething problems. An untimely router death eventually lead to our session being cancelled – apparently time travel is pretty dependent on Wi-Fi. However, we still got a taste of the brainteasers and gadgets that make up the room. I really got into the Vegas theme and nerded-out a little over how cool some of the contraptions were.

The Fringe’s escape room experience differs from most in that you are locked in with anyone who buys tickets to the same time slot as you – be prepared to collaborate. Our host was also present to point us in the right direction and stop us from breaking things, although this may just have been because of our tech problems.

All in all, the room looked super promising and, once it’s running smoothly, would be a challenge to Houdini himself. If you like lateral thinking and brainteasers, Escape the Past! is an immersive experience you’ll be obsessing over for days after.