The General Public Theatre Company have brought this quirky little show over from their home base in Sydney – plus another one, opening next week in the same venue. It's exactly the kind of theatre the Fringe is perfect for – one solid, polished hour of a performance that incorporates elements of dance, physical theatre, music and cabaret without ever belonging to any of them.

The loose connecting story of the piece is of five friends who backpack through Europe for a few months. It takes the form of a series of monologues and vignettes detailing various elements of the experience (the Berlin night club was a highlight). They attack the incessant romanticization of gap years and backpacking, the insufferable notion that travel is inevitably transformative and soul-affirming. These are the parts of the trip that don't make it onto Instagram. But it's not all negativity and piss-taking – there are some surprisingly poignant moments amid the laughter.

It's well written and cleverly constructed, with no dead spots or wasted time. Though each vignette stands alone, with no explicit narrative connection between them, the shared space and inventive use of cast members gives the piece a sense of unity and shared emotional journey. The performances are excellent, too – this is a well-oiled ensemble with a great sense of complicity, focus and fun.

Definitely the show for you if you're a traveler, thinking about travelling, or even if you've never left Adelaide.