To step into Fauna is to step through the looking glass, into an animalistic kingdom that is a strange and sometimes unsettling reflection of the world you came from. Fauna is a captivating exploration of primal behaviour; the ritual of courtship, the aggression of competition, the Machiavellian cunning and the simple goofy pleasures of play.

Fauna brings together six performers from different circus disciplines but based on the obvious chemistry and trust between them, you wouldn't know.

In a soundscape of birdsong and live guitar, as rhythmic and responsive to the action taking place as your own heart, Fauna brings together six incredibly talented performers. At times I forgot to marvel at their superhuman skills, so completely did they give in to their animal natures. If this show lacked anything, it was narration from David Attenborough.

A true family show, equally captivating for young and old.