Thursday night was preview night at the Adelaide Wine Centre – a chance to get a taste of some of the excellent showings on offer at the giant wine barrel before the Fringe is properly underway. These were some of our hot takes from the night.(Please note we'll be adding to this article as they roll in!)

Clare Cavanagh: Literally

Alyse Jansons: There is a pop and tingle about Clare Cavanagh’s performance. She changes from one vignette to another, captivating the audience with her sparkle and enthusiasm. It may seem tiring for some to jump into the skin of a life coach, to revolutionary schoolgirl, to a forgetful but violent 90-year-old, but Cavanagh leaps with vigour. Audience members become characters in the story unwittingly, but it adds to the drama and connects the crowd to the tale being spun. Everyone feels compelled to enter the world of Clare Cavanagh!

Men with Coconuts

AJ: Combining singing, music, games, and audience participation in a cacophony of fun, this improv group know how to make a crowd rumble with laughter. Unexpected, fun, but completely brilliant, this is definitely worth a look-in. Each show is different, and each show is guaranteed to be a delight.

A Booklovers Comedy Show

AJ: For those who love to curl up on the couch and read, this is a good way to still engage with literature – but in the real world! Different comedians dazzle with stand up, whilst try to relate back to books. Not all books are funny, but this show leaves a geeky grin on your face. Plus, as an added bonus, give a loved book a new home for free from the leftovers pile Oxfam donates.