After one hour with Tiffany (Judy Hainsworth) and Kendall (Kaitlin Oliver Parker) you will learn that your first world problems are important, and that in the depths of despair you should always ask, "WWKKD?" (What would Kim Kardashian do?)

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls is a satirical comedy that critiques first world culture. It is definitely tacky, but in a good way. Hainsworth and Parker demonstrate true talent with their impressive vocals, witty lyrics, and hilarious one liners. The room was constantly filled with laughter, it was all so relatable! The ladies stayed in character for the entire hour, in their convincing-enough boofy hairstyles and bling.

You do not have to be a 'white girl' to enjoy #FirstWorldWhiteGirls. However, I did wonder if some of the jokes were taking a dig at me. I like smashed avocado! Surely there is nothing wrong with that?!

I felt that some of the jokes were not given the credit they deserved. I am unsure whether it was simply the timing of the joke, or if the audience did not understand it fully. #FirstWorldWhiteGirls requires an audience that is engaged and supportive: you must be willing laugh at yourself and the culture that we live in.

I encourage you to get with your girlfriends (or whoever, really, anyone will appreciate #FirstWorldWhiteGirls), head down to La Bohème and enjoy some quality entertainment.


#FirstWorldWhiteGirls will be running until Sunday the 13th