Too much drinking in the Garden sent your regime out the window? Well good news, peeps, cos the Fringe is so wonderful that it's even come through with a show where you exercise, perform, and feel totally fucking flawless. Yaaaay, Fringe!

A Bey Dance class is exactly what you need on your listless weekend afternoons. The concept was born from two ladies' obsessive desire to learn all the moves to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies", and has since become quite the international sensation. I mean, who doesn't want to dance like Queen Bey? Right? Right.

You too can head into a steamy tent in Gluttony in your active wear and learn to twerk, shimmy and sass to one of Beyoncé's best dance tracks. We did "Grown Woman" (totally nailed it), and there are different routines happening throughout the season.

These classes are designed for the beginner dancer, so you need no experience or d-floor skills. The teacher is really lovely, gives great instructions, and always has an easy option for the trickier moves. So just be ready for a whole lotta fun. And sass face. Raargh.

And where does the 'Flashmob' part comes into it, you ask? Well, I'm glad you're paying attention, 'cause this is the best bit. Once you've got those power poses and swan dives mastered, the whole troupe diva-walks with a vengeance right on out into Gluttony, and performs the routine to admiring passers-by. Fun, right? Don't be scared, this bit is optional. But trust me, you'll want to get out there and shake that booty.

And hey, if you're in Gluttony around 3:30-4:00pm, Friday through Sunday, that might be a good time to put your hands together and show your appreciation for said booty shaking.

Not an acolyte of Queen Bey? Doesn't matter. If you like having fun, you'll love this. I do think you are ready for this jelly.


For show times and to book tickets, see the Fringe guide.