Marcel Blanch-de Wilt has been hosting some of the best comedy of the Fringe at The Producers Bar for years now, but this year's lineup might be the best the venue has ever hosted. Our team was invited to preview the show's on offer, so here below are our fresh takes on these exciting acts.

Stop Stopping the Unstoppable

"Stop Stopping the Unstoppable is a tongue in cheek take on personal growth seminars. It’s inspiring. Educational. Inherently ridiculous. And good for a giggle." - Jen

Half Hour Hamlet

"A hilarious, vaudevillian whirlwind of Hamlet. Sure to tickle old-school Bard-fans, and terrified newcomers alike." - Lauren

Blur Bag

"Ben and Bosco are enthusiastic students of comedy, if not yet masters. Studiously low-brow improv that undoubtedly would have fared better with a more crowded room to keep the laughter rolling." - Justin

"Frenetic comedic energy from the three performers doesn't make up for the lack of direction or polish in this rather disjointed collection of skits and riffs." - Matt

Gillian English is a Bitter Shrew

Lauren, Gillian & Justin

"Badass unapologetic feminist fury. Gillian English is a firebrand. Go with Gillian on a side-splittingly funny and slightly-painful trip through the torment of modern day courting." - Dixie

"Absolutely smashing it, Gillian English had me in stitches through not-so-glamorous, but all too familiar tales of sex and love." - Lauren

"Gillian English is the girlfriend you want to whinge about your bad Tinder dates to. The hardships of dating in the modern age may seem like well-tread territory for comics, but English’s angry-funny energy keeps the audience buzzing along at her high pace." - Melina

Alice Fraser: Empire

"Fraser's wit and insight is as savage as the pointed shoulders on her Disney villainess costume. Her gracefully delivered barbs will have you clutching your sides." - Matt

"Goddamn perfection, as far as I’m concerned. A comedienne who respects her audience enough to joke about the politics of pleasure in a pain-filled world without sounding pretentious or alienating." - Melina

"Alice Fraser is like a diamond, sparkling and beautiful but with an edge hard enough to cut glass. Heckle at your own peril." - Dixie

Viggo Venn: The Life of Pepito

"Playful and kinda endearing, Pepito promises to be a loveable, uniformed clown. The best kind of absurd. I’m eager to see more." - Melina

"Petito is The Life Aquatic with a soundboard. Very fun character work with a nautical flavour, and one of the little gems of the Fringe." - Justin

Zach Zucker: Human Person

Lauren, Zach and Matt.

"Stomach-achingly fun-time-weird." - Lauren

"Zach Zucker's show is a rare gem of physical comedy that showcases his natural comedic talent by means of the blurst game of charades ever." - Matt

"Blissfully great silliness. Zucker’s face-pulling alone can make an audience howl like a pack of scabby-kneed 7-year-olds. He walks a fine line between awkwardness and slapstick — part of the reason his show works so well is this dangerous teetering, which is managed masterfully." - Melina

"The biggest diva in the Fringe by a country mile; silly, near-victimless comedy with a Magritte-esque bent." - Justin