The Fringe Wives Club are back, returning to Adelaide with their 2018 smash-hit, Glittery Clittery. Tessa Waters, Rowena Hutson and Victoria Falconer are accomplished performers in their own rights, but together they make up the super group of your feminist Fringe dreams. It’s an hour of comedy cabaret, replete with tongue-in-cheek repartee and infectious energy that takes the patriarchy head on, and attempts to dismantle myths and ignorance around the female body.

With songs about the sexist history of pockets, the insidious dangers of feminist fuck-boys, and what girls are taught to put up with ‘because he likes you’, their music toes a playful line between out-right hilarity and sombre reflection on the state of female oppression and sexual violence. It’s the kind of content that makes you cry with laughter because otherwise you’d weep with despair. But that’s not to say the laughs aren’t earned! With clever word play, nuanced physicality, and a heavy dose of camp, each song is ultimately empowering, lifting the audience to kick-ass heights. The final song hits a more serious note, encapsulating the politics of the night and imploring us to make a stand.

But it’s not all song and dance. Halfway through the show we get to meet Laguna, a giant plush vulva sported by Hutson, and star of a terrifically edutaining gameshow. Hosted by Waters, three contestants are consensually plucked from the audience to test their knowledge of all things vulva as Falconer adds flourish the proceedings from behind the keyboard. Here, the improvisational talents of the three really shine, as they bounce enthusiastically off the sometimes surprising answers of their participants. It’s a segment not to be missed, not only because it is stomach-achingly funny, but because you’ll probably be genuinely surprised about your own ignorance of female anatomy – even if you sport it!

If you missed Glittery Clittery last year, don’t make the same mistake again. This is the Fringe as it should be: fierce, feisty and funny as hell!