In case you’re not sure what feugo means in Spanish, it’s 'fire'. An appropriate title, all things considered, because that’s what’s on the menu in this spectacle of jaw-dropping fiery feats. You may be familiar with some of the circus fare on offer here — aerials, contortion, trapeze and acrobatics — but you’ve not seen them like this! From flaming bag-pipes to sparkling, roaring, whip-cracking, Fuego Carnal takes what you know and love and totally ups the ante.

It’s amazing how, in our world of ever evolving technological marvels, fire still has the ability to utterly enthral. It is breathtaking to see someone handle this force with such mastery, and when the hot whoosh of fire erupting from a twirling baton hits your face, you can’t help but feel a primal kind of glee. It’s this that the team from Dream State Entertainment use expertly to draw on our collective primitive fascinations.

The highlight was the magnificent Ice Queen, who’s surprising trapeze acts as a thematic counterpoint to the flames around her. Between a tiny rink and dangling swing, she gracefully climbs and twirls, and is utterly entrancing. Orissa Kelly’s acrobatic archery is also not to be missed.

Fuego Carnal comes out of husband and wife duo, Jacob and Sophie McGrath. Their home is the custom-built Empyrean, an open-air tent especially designed to allow for the escape of dangerous flames. "In the case of emergency," Sophie tells us, a cheeky glint in her eye, "just run for the sides – we’re in a tent!" Fuego Carnal is hot stuff! An explosive and sure-fire way to light up your Fringe!