Disgraced actor Garry Starr got kicked out of the Royal Shakespeare Company. This could only mean one thing: the performing arts are dying, and Garry is our only hope to save them from inevitable demise.

Sporting a Jacobean ruff and slinging bad puns, Garry takes on fourteen genres in sixty minutes. From minimalist Euro-theatre to Brittney-inspired tragedy, from circus to burlesque, and from romantic comedy to the "little bit beautiful" Noh. It’s a crazy ride.

Hauling not-so-willing volunteers onto the stage as a foil for his absurd antics, Garry will have you engaged whether you like it or not. No seat is safe, so don’t try hiding up the back.

Damien Warren-Smith is the clown behind the chaos. With his sloppy bogan shtick, endearing smile and enthusiastic thrusting, he had the crowd wrapped around his little finger within seconds. And they loved every minute of it. Master of the dramatic pause and wunderkind of awkward eye contact, Warren-Smith is prodigious at making nudity weird.

Warren-Smith loves an Adelaide audience, debuting and refining Performs Everything at the Fringe last year.  He garnered rave reviews and has been touring it ever since. He’s now testing his new show, Garry Starr Conquers Troy, at Gluttony’s new Masonic Lodge venue. You’ll have to catch it this weekend before it conquers the rest of the festival circuit.

If you feel you should probably see some theatre this Fringe, but don’t reeaaally want to (nothing wrong with a few laughs in the Garden, am I right), see Garry Starr save theatre instead.